Nearly within the centre of Finland and the lap of lake Pyhäjärvi there live three active villages: Kirkonkylä, Emoniemi and Pellikkaperä. Situated on a promontory, which has worked its way south, the villages are surrounded by water from three sides. This location unites the best sides of rural and urban life in a unique way.
Even if the villages are in close proximity to the town Pyhäjärvi and its services, nature itself including the clean water of the lake dominates the landscape.

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Due to their location on the pro-montory the villages are connected with each other in their own special way. Since there is no through traffic the peace of nature has been kept. No wonder that the villages have lots of summer guests.

A whole range of leisure-time activities for cultural and physical recreation by land and water is offered to the inhabitants of the three villages. How about going to the summer theatre or enticing sal-mon and pike-perches from lake Pyhäjärvi with its small islands?

The village road through Kirkon-kylä, which is of great cultural-historical value, is the heart of the three villages. There you can find the old wooden church designed by the architect Sebastian Gripenberg and finished in the year 1897. The traditional yard “Perinnepiha” and the summer theatre “KesäHeinä” are not far from the church, too.

The international character of the village will expand in future. Kirkonkylä has already worked together with the German village Hagedorn, which is situated in the district of Steinheim, since 2000. Apart from the co-operation among the officials the pupils of the twin villages have gone and seen each other as well.

Emoniemi forms the southern promontory.Being the components of the area’s mythology the “Hiisi”- tales give it a central importance since the den of these goblins is said to be there.

Pellikkaperä opens to the West. The village has a peculiar character because of “Kursu”, a pasture formed by meadows and forest, which is part of the “Natura”-area. Being preserved in its natural state and still in use this pasture might be even the last of its kind in Finland.

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